Meet Olaplex – The revolutionary hair color additive coveted by celebrity stylists, changing the game for hair professionals. While traditional hair color penetrates the hair shaft and alters the bond structure of the strand, Olaplex utilizes polymers to maintain bond structure throughout the process, leaving strands in their natural state, resulting in ZERO damage and longer-lasting color. It allows stylists to use color and lightener in new ways, pushing the boundaries further than ever before. Whether added to base color, highlights, balayage or ombré, Olaplex strengthens the hair while making color last longer and more vibrant.

Olaplex’s Results Last & Last – The restorative effects of Olaplex are dramatic and they last. The results are based upon strengthened natural bonds within the hair shaft itself. It isn’t just a coating or a conditioner – it fundamentally changes the chemical composition of your hair, repairing the damage naturally encountered during the coloring or lightening processes and from everyday environmental stresses. One of the common concerns revolves around whether Olaplex “builds up” in the hair. The answer is no – hair becomes healthier by returning to a more naturally undamaged state. This means you can use Olapex EVERY SINGLE TIME you color/highlight/treat your hair!