Specialty Color

At Lorraine Aprile Salon, we feel that your vision for great style shouldn’t be limited. This is why we pride ourselves on delivering the latest color techniques and trends with precision. We consider skillful color application an art form – one our team continues to nurture and maintain. Want to learn more about the innovative techniques our Lorraine Aprile color experts swear by? Read about our specialty color services below.

American Balayage
Do you miss the natural highlights of your youth? Balayage will have everyone convinced you’ve enjoyed fun in the sun, instead of working in an office all day. This color technique mimics the sun-kissed hair of summers spent outside, by utilizing a customized, brushed-on color application. Balayage gives your hair a softer look and less noticeable regrowth, which is perfect for those who prefer a low-maintenance look.

Modern Ombré
The Modern Ombré has moved on from the harsh color transitions of the past. Instead, this fresh take has embraced the new trend of a softer, more natural look. This color option is perfect for when you want to lighten up, without stressing over regrowth. We know you are busy with life here in Alexandria, so this style is perfect for guests that don’t have the time to come in every few weeks for a root touch up but still want to enjoy versatile color.

Are you new to highlights and don’t want to jump in feet first? Babylights will allow you to enjoy the “shallow end.” This technique gives you the appearance of natural highlights but presents a subtler look. Each foil used requires just a small amount of hair, so that it blends seamlessly with your base color. If you’re searching for a low-risk style evolution, babylights are the answer.

Ecaille/Tortoise Shell
Similar to the modern ombre technique, Ecaille is ideal if you are looking for a more gradual color contrast. Ecaille is all about supplementing your natural hair color with golden and caramel highlights, hence the moniker: tortoise shell. Just like ombre, you can skip the stress over regrowth and enjoy gorgeous dimensional color.

Custom Color
Your skin tone, face shape and lifestyle all affect what color works best for you. Let us customize the shade that brings out the beautiful warm or cool tones in your skin, gives you newfound confidence and will have your turning heads in Alexandria.

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